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Thanks. Really.

Greg England

Jim: Two of these in particular (#12 and 15) struck a chord with me (but in an acappella sort of way). One was that our children are a ministry. We raised our children with that in mind and I've counseled dozens of young mothers to get off the guilt trip over not being so involved "at church" when their ministry was in their home at that point in time. So what have we gained if we're very involved in programs and lose our children?
The second was that our children learn a lot from how we communicate as parents. I'm officiating (hate that term, as it sounds like I'll be wearing a black / white striped shirt and carrying a whistle) my son's wedding in July. I am so thankful that both he and his fiance grew up in homes where Christ was honored and they've seen loving, healthy mother / father relationships. It puts them far down the road toward success!


Another great list, Jim. I don't know how you keep doing it! Thanks. :)

John Roberts

Jim, I've really been enjoying your "41" lists. Great stuff, especially the parenting admonitions. I am realizing though, that even when you do everything "right" your kids sometimes insist on taking a journey to the far country. I used to be much harsher on the failings of parents (and no doubt there were real failings), but as I get to the far end of the parenting spectrum, my heart has softened for those whose kids aren't turning out picture perfect, despite their best efforts.

Kieren Green

Do you find the sycophantic responses nauseating, Jim? Is it an aspect of American culture to be positive to the point of repugnance?


Sycophantic is a new term for me. I had to look it up.

Jim Martin

You are exactely right. As you noted, one can do the right things but that doesn't guarantee they won't make some poor choices or make a detour. Parents who are dealing with children at these places need lots of mercy and encouragment.

My heart goes out to you, John, in what sounds like some real difficulties.

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