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Jim Mauldin

I am really enjoying this series. It reminds me of sitting in your office with my lovely fiancee years ago. by the way, you have been one of my best teachers in the art of pre-marital counseling. Thanks for being you.


#26 sticks out to me. I have seen 2 marraiges fall apart in the last year due to being too close of friends with a person of the opposite sex. We have to be careful where we look for our friendship fulfillments.

Jack Holt

These are some really important ones. A Church recently asked me to take part in a series they were doing on "Families With a Heart for God." I presented four lessons and each had the same punch line--when you boil down all of the problems in marrage they usually come down to simple selfishness.


This is such a great list!

Jan McKenzie

I've been a little afraid of these post, Jim. I hope I can do more with it than that. Thanks.

Jim Martin

Thanks! I have great memories of those times together.

You and Bernie are special people.

Jim Martin

Thanks Kristine, Jack, and Jan...

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