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Jack Holt

What you do does matter. I enjoy reading your blog, but it is not pleasure I seek. I seek the Lord and often what you writes helps me to see Him clearer.

God bless!

Ted Gossard

Jim, Thanks for sharing that. So many good thoughts. Good reminders too. I've certainly been caught prejudging as well.

John Roberts

Jim, great story. I've seemed to have more than a few of those "what am I doing in ministry" days lately. Thanks for the reminder that it really does matter.

Greg England

Yes, thanks for the reminder.

Jan McKenzie

Thanks Jim. I was asked to have the devotional last month at the quarterly meeting of an executive committee. In my remarks on the importance of what was about to take place, I said I would not remain in the ministry if it were not for the calling by God. I see nothing in myself to suppose I am up to what I understand the work of a minister to be. I was encouraged, as I am by your words, to see a man soon to retire nod in agreement. His calling is our enabling.


You hit this one dead on! Great thoughts with your post. It is important for all of us to realize we all can make a difference, whether we are the minister or the one who is causing the pettiness. We impact those around us. Have a blessed week, Jim!

Michael Potthoff

The reason I am posting the comment is because I have a 13 year old friend named Alan that is very sick with a rare cancer of the blood and I am trying to get as many Christians to pray for him as I can. Thanks Brothers and Sister! Please see my blog at http://work4christ.blogspot.com for more info.

In Him,
Michael Potthoff


What you do matters to more people than you know. You turn people 180 degrees toward Christ. Thank You for the story and Everything you do.

Jim Martin

Thanks Perry-- I appreciate you as well. A great encourager...

Jim Martin

Thanks Jack for the kind remarks regarding the blog

Jim Martin

Thanks Ted, John, Greg, Meredith, and Jan for your encouraging comments.

Jim Martin

Michael, I will be glad to pray for your friend.

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