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I remember when Joan Osborne's song 'What if God was one of us?' was in the charts, and a non-christian friend of mine asked me how i would respond to the lines in the song that go...

If you were faced with him, In all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question?

i said it was a very good question, and that i'd give it some thought... which i did... in the end i decided my question would be

'am i even close?'

by which i mean, am i even close to understanding who you are? is my form of religion in step with what you want?

years have passed since then, and i still think it would be my question

jan mckenzie

I think about it everyday...that is, everyday I'm willing to take up my cross and follow him. On the days I refuse to suffer these thoughts, I feel good, but without God.

As a pastor, I am living with these thoughts night (long nights) and day. It hurts and it is right.

Kierkegaard asked, "If we are Christians, then who is God".
Who indeed. God, have mercy on us.

Jack Holt

So, Jesus' message would be, "You do not."

I'm not so sure that would be His message. I think human beings, especially in post-modern America, fully realize that "we do not."

His message is still the same today as it was when He walked the earth. "Come, follow Me. Welcome to your table those who others will not--the poor, the outcast, the sinners, and tax gathers and I will welcome you with your failings and short comings."


These are great questions. I have often wondered if Jesus and his band of 12 actually walked up to a church today and asked if He may address the congregation, how far would He get? Would we ever recognize Him in our presence or would we be the ones shouting blasphemy? Just the thought of how I would react, changes my perspective on how not so far a part I may be from those we consider so blind.

Ted Gossard

Good thoughts Jim. Reminds me of Jesus' letters to the seven churches in the Revelation. Often not comfortable, but what we need.

At least some gentle words of correction would surely be given to most of us.

jan mckenzie

Re: Jack Holt's comment.

Jesus is inclusive and exclusive. What he offered he offered to all, but he offered it in different ways. To those humbled with a conscousiness of sin, he spoke tender words. To Judas he was often silent. To Peter, words of reprimand. And to the Pharisee, when called for, a scathing yet tearful rebuke.

I'm not speaking of a situational ethic, but spiritual tact.

Jesus is a master of the wound that heals. Isn't this his cross and ours?


I think you should be easier on yourselves.

Jim Martin

Good point. Of course you are correct in saying that many people certainly realize that "we do not." I suppose I was thinking in particular about self-satisfied Christians or self-satisfied churches.


Jim Martin

Thanks for the Kierkegaard quote. Very fitting.


good questions.....tough but good questions....

Jim Mauldin

Jim; As always you speak to the preacher. I think this may be one of your best. Thanks.


"What do we know about him (Jesus) that might help us know what to do?"

This is truly a great question because it begins with our eyes on the Savior. It's a question that encourages faith and dependance on God and one another.


Just discovered this site and it seems I found it in the Ta Daa! nick of time!

Jim Martin

Thanks for your encouragment. I appreciate you!

Jim Martin

Good to have you at this site.

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