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Hi Jim,

I agree with you about how lovely it is when people smile at you.

A couple of caveats...

1. I'm often accused of not smiling enough... it's not that i can't smile, or that i don't smile, it is just that sometimes i'm concentrating, and smiles don't come as natural to me as others... i'm working on it, but i want it to be natural... which brings me to my next point...

2. some people seem to think that turning up their lips is the same as a smile... if you smile, it has to be natural, an expression of what you are feeling... otherwise it looks more like a snarl!

Jim Martin

Thanks Brett--and thanks for your caveats as well. I especially relate to the first one.

Ted Gossard

Last night my wife and I were at an Italian restaraunt. We were very impressed with the consistent and seemingly natural smile of the waitress. Her spirit and actions cohered. Her service was excellent. wow.. wish I would have spoken a word for her.

At least we should be pleasant and be known as people of grace.

Carole Medley

For someone who is an instinctive "smiler" and from the South, I am reminded of how many times a simple smile from someone has spoken volumes to me...Now that I am in a courthouse for most of my work, smiles are rare due to the stressful nature of the surroundings; therefore, I have found that at least eye to eye contact and a nod of my head towards a person speaks to people as well. It is a basic human need to be "acknowledged" by mankind and we can do that with such little effort if we do not allow ourselves to become jaundiced by a society that has made smiling an untrustworthy gesture or a eye contact an invasion of one's privacy. I vow today to renew my belief in smiling. Thanks Jim.

Jim Martin

Thanks for your note. What you say is very good! What you say is also very true. There are other gestures which also communicate that another human being is worth something.

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