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Keith Reid


I have been reading your blog every day for months but have never commented until today. Thank you for voicing my frustration with the church as man runs it.I pray for the day when Christians will stand up and stand strong for their faith. I also long for the day when the walls of seperation inside the body of Christ will be knocked down. I sense a real kinship with you through your writings and want to encourage you to continue to point out the things you do.
May God bless you and your family.

Keith Reid


Great post! I love your thoughts on this.

 Keith Davis

What an awesome buch of truths you have spoken here. How I long for the day when we get out of the way and allow God to work in us. I too love dreamers who are willing to take whatever the risk involves to have a relationship with God that is immovable and with others that doesn't intimidate them, but causes them tosee Jesus. Great BLOG!

Greg England

You said a LOT today, Jim! I recently wrote a blog about my disdain for church programs and how they not only substitute for what the Holy Spirit desires to do in and through us, but are no indication that Jesus is living in us.
Always enjoy your blogs even if I don't always respond.

Ted Gossard

Thanks Jim. Being older, in some ways one (I speak for myself here) can lose the right idealism due to all the fog that can go on in church.

But we need by God's help to rekindle that fire knowing it's God's work, no less.

Thanks for sharing your good thoughts and perspective with us. Good points and reminders also.

Randy Ehle

Jim, I pray that God will bless you and the church you serve as you endeavor to implement these values there. And, most important, may his kingdom be enlarged and his name be glorified.

Too bad you're not in Portland, Oregon - you sound like a pastor I'd like to work with and learn from.

Mary E.

If the church could get by the #2 and #3 on the list we would have much more success in saving souls.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective with us.


Absolutely profound, and exactly how I feel. Thanks!


Thanks Jim for putting this out there. I actually just typed in my search "Tired of my church" and saw this and it gave me a whole new outlook on how I should look at things. Thanks so much...I will continue to catch your blog.

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