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You have some good points here. This may not be the best place to ask this questioin, but I was wondering if some of the points you are making here about ryhthm and Sabbath had anything to do with the decision not to have church the Sunday morning of Christmas? Honestly, it bothers me that we aren't having church Christmas morning because I feel it sends the wrong message about Christmas. But I assume there were good reasons behind that decision. Would you mind sharing those with us?

carrie driskill


Thank God for children who sometimes force us to see we are out of rythum! I have a daughter who sometimes on Friday will say, "Can we just stay in our pajamas tomorrow?" That's when I know we have run too much in the preceding days/weeks. We are having one of those pajama days today. No, everything is not done for Christmas, but it will get done, it always does! Today we stay at home!

Jim Martin

The relfections in this post came out of the wednesday evening class I am teaching on marriage/family. They have nothing to do with the decision you are refering to.

(For those of you who are not aware of what she is refering to, our elder group decided topostpone our assembly on Christmas day from our normal start time of 10:00 AM to 5::00 PM PM). I was not a part of that discussion or decision so I would encourage you to ask them for reasons etc. For me to respond would be just speculation and probably wouldn't shed much light at this point.

Jim Martin

What a good observation! It is interesting how our children (and others on occasion) will give us clues that our lives have gotten way out of rhythm. I wonder how many of these clues we (I) have missed?

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