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I've really enjoyed these posts about daughters. I have 2 myself (5 & 3).


What a great speech! I hope Cassidy will have some of the same beliefs and realizations Jamie has. What great insight for a teenager. God bless her walk with him as she stands up for herself.


thanks for sharing Jamie's message.


Thank you Jim for sharing. Jamie made some great points that I wish I could share with my daughter as her mom. Unfortuately she doesn't have a relationship with her father. Hopefully she will pick a man to father her children that will care as much as you.

Tom Eslinger

These comments should be published in a magazine for girls and fathers. I see the outline for a short book that needs to be written and published very soon.

Martha Coates

WOW! Jamie did a great job of telling the story of a great Dad. This is so needed in all relationships b/t daughters
and their dads! May God give her the opportunity to speak more!

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